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Voting out of fear on Nov. 4th? You're not alone. Oh man, I agree with this article and enjoyed John Oliver's piece. Let's just hope that post election day rather than take advantage of fear, people start to make decisions based on something else.


Wow, MTV has music again

Internet killed the TV star:

World Vote

If the world votes, who will it be for? Cast your vote here.


Wordle says it right

Very cool: Wordle on DNC/RNC speeches


don't take the website down!

The Website is Down. very, very funny.


step brothers marketing campaign

Step Brothers comes out this Friday, and I've been pretty impressed with their campaign around the movie. Check out this link for some fun with your friends (send them a video with their picture and have them get a call from the characters). Or, go by the theater and check out the bigger than life scrap book that you can interact with. Pretty good stuff.


Oh, boy.

via Kelly & the evil beet. This guy is either a. having a great time pretending to be a psycho, or (more likely) b. a complete D.bag who is now entertaining everyone who listens to the following:

http://view.break.com/527579 - Watch more free videos

Funny: man v. banner ads


West Elm: Rocks.

So, I'm in love with West Elm. And not just because they sell cute stuff. Here's why: I purchased my curtains at the new denver store - originally purchasing 2 different panels and choosing the one I like. I took the other back and wanted 3 of the panel I chose, but they didn't have them in store. So, naturally I go online to order the extra's. I think, score: Free Shipping. But then yesterday I went on westelm.com and saw that the curtains were on sale - a lot. So sad that I ordered them at full price and now they are at a deep discount.

But here's why they rock: I called customer service, spoke to an actual English speaking person immediately and justs told them hey I ordered these two weeks ago and now they're on sale. Do you have a refund policy for this? And that's it - she just credited me back the sale difference plus tax savings. SO EASY and I saved a good $70. West Elm, I heart you.

(And let this be a lesson: always worth calling to check if you can get the refund).

Text message your way to love

Our generation has a sad but true text messaging problem. This is why I won't go on dates that are initiated via text. Ok actually I have. But it's not recommended:) You gotta have what it takes to make a phone call, people!!
Does this apply to you?:


Google's Favicon: it just isn't cool

I had a conversation with a friend last week about how we hate Google's new favicon.

A favicon is the little icon that appears in your browser title bar when you are on a site. While this is a little thing that sometimes you don't even notice, on a site like Google that I frequent, the change in favicon sketches me out! I keep looking at it wondering what site I'm on not sure that it's the real Google. Why edit a brand image that is successful, Google!? I can understand a small modification to stay hip with the times but this is an all out change! Here and here are examples of overtime logo changes (a bit better don't you think)? Google: bad change.

Well, Google must know that it sucks, because they posted on their blog that you can now submit recommendations for their new favicon. Other posts around that are in agreement with me: Organic and SE Land.


Hulu & Comedy Central/Colbert Report

Familiar with Hulu.com? Well, first of all you should be because you can watch TV shows and movies online for free (just view some ads, it will be painless). But now - now you can watch The Daily Show with John Stewart and the Colbert Report on Hulu. Yeah, Hulu. That's how it's done:)

Now, just show me some season 2 of Bones and I'll be happy.


what the?

I'm in Like with you
is a site I didn't get, until I read this.

While there's no way in hell I'll be signing up for it, I wanted to share it - as it's an interesting and yet another time waster that could be cool...

Fun random stuff

A couple cool things to check out:
Google Street View images - a little out of the ordinary.
Design your own Kleenex box. Cool site and features.
MSN's Search and Give. MSN donates to charity for your searches.


Flickr - as a universe!

Pretty cool site. Basically, puts flickr tags in a universe of relation to each other. When you cull down to what you want, click on the planet and you'll see all images belonging to that tag. Enjoy!


Botanic Gardens Blog

Went to a CSIA event recently that featured blogging in the corporate world. Pretty good event that highlighted this particular blog: City of Denver's Botanic Garden's Blog. Check it out.


Everything We Know About Denver Blog

I have linked to it a couple of times, but I haven't called it out: http://www.everythingweknowaboutdenver.wordpress.com is a Denver blog I contribute to. Check it out for Denver updates!


google friend connect

Google launched friend connect - however it appears to be delivering a 404 error right now... check it out this evening and I believe it will be live.

Google says:

"Google Friend Connect is about helping the 'long tail' of sites become more social," said David Glazer, a director of engineering at Google. "Many sites aren't explicitly social and don't necessarily want to be social networks, but they still benefit from letting their visitors interact with each other. That used to be hard. Fortunately, there's an emerging wave of social standards -- OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, and the data access APIs published by Facebook, Google, MySpace, and others. Google Friend Connect builds on these standards to let people easily connect with their friends, wherever they are on the web, making 'any app, any site, any friends' a reality."

iMedia Connection Article

I'm published in iMedia Connection - article is about choosing keywords in each buying cycle - SEO and PPC related:)


new west elm

OOO... a West Elm is opening in Denver across from Neimen's in Cherry Creek. Set to open this month - located on 1st street.


quote of the day

There is no greater impotence in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you.
- Norman Mailer


Green on Facebook

Pretty cool - check out the top 150 going green grafitti's on Facebook. While people must have a lot of time on their hands for this, I think the results are neat. More from regeneration.


From Iconowatch, a very disturbing and true stat:

Despite reporting an average of 14 paid vacation days in 2008, an estimated 31% of employed U.S. adults will not use all of their vacation days. Instead they'll leave an average of three vacation days on the table, in essence giving back more than 460 million vacation days.

Haven't you people read 4 hour work week!? Don't you have lives to attend to outside of work? Balance is the name of the game!



I'm loving this idea for recycling - makes me actually want to take the extra step.


project angel heart: dine out for life

Tonight is dine out for life night. Check it.